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Grace Mugabe Arrest: G-40 Takes Exception, “The Gun Will Not Lead Politics”!!

Mwenewazvo (Grace Mugabe) power has sent shivers down the spineless treasonous Lacoste (Emmerson Mnangagwa) camp. Victor Matemadanda the miserable old buffoon who speaks as if he was in charge of a million AK47 to himself to fight for our freedom. The chaff, messed up boot licker, overused and out in the cold that is what he is. Matemadanda is a pure hypocrite and everything wrong about our politics. His bitterness is a serious hazard to his physical and mental well being. He is the pure definition of bitterness. It was all good for Mwenewazvo when she spoke to your camp’s delight when you muzzled Joice Mujuru… Dydumus Mutasa. .. Rugare Gumbo. ..Ray Kaukonde and many who walked away in silence.

When Gamatox was purged it was all in your favour and Mwenewazvo became Iconic and was applauded many a times for her bravery by the Mutsvangwas and many as she had achieved your goal. Why Matemadanda do you talk like a drunken prostitute on chikokiyana why ? Your arrogance and ignorance to talk as if you own the people of Zimbabwe is quite disturbing….you seek solidarity to fight President Mugabe , Mwenewazvo, Savior Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo really?

You created one center of power and VaMugabe chete chete then today you have the audacity to tell us otherwise!!How you tend to forget so quickly!! The same Constitution you have been manipulating and your fellow war veterans is the same you talk about as reference. …how you dare as if we all have a short memory? President Mugabe NEVER created one centre of power or voted himself for Presidency at his age… thought you could abuse him and take advantage of his vulnerability due to his age?


If you thought you would succeed to isolate him thank God that your evil ambition is crumbling right in front of your eyes. You have allowed yourself to be the jackass doing the dirty and you have become a public threat as in my eyes you are a terrorist who deserves to be brought before the Courts of our land. You cannot be allowed to cause distress among our citizens. Your behaviour is treasonous as you are trying to stir public disorder with your lies of a Dynasty. Shame on you.

I thought you called your boss the “Don” yet it is apparent he is just a coward. Tell your boss to declare his interest we all know that he said he has no ambitions yet you are creating a political and economical mess for the nation. What is the difference between yourself and Evan? It is sad to note that you and your war veterans association created the Mugabe you condemn publicly today.

Do not worry Matemadanda you can condemn VaMugabe today hiding behind your friends in the Army yet you should be reminded that Zimbabwe is not a Military state but a Democracy. With your war veterans who are threatening our national peace it is wise that you know too that President Mugabe has some loyal young and energetic youths ready and willing to take you on. The women are waiting for your rogue sorry selves. Our Zimbabwe is our country so stop your sense of entitlement trying to divide the nation. Let the President tell us his successor.

A polite reminder, let the Don speak for himself or forever keep quiet. Mwenewazvo thank you taneta nevanoita kunge ndivo chete vano bvumidzwa kutaura isu tisu vekuteerera. VaChiwenga hanzi stop meddling into politics and rewrite your PHD. VaMugabe woyeee….Pasi naMatemadanda. Rangova danda rakatemwa risina anoda kubatidzisa moto nekuti kuri batidza ihutsi hwega hwega. Chenjerai kuitirwa hutsi nedanda iri mukaswera mopukuta misodzi. ….hapana moto wakanaka unobviriswa nedanda iri kandai kumatanga pandove….pasi pasi naMatemadanda. Ndikoko #cdesistermwenewazvo#


Written by How Africa

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