Got A Runny Nose? Here Are Natural Remedies For It

‘Annoying’ may not just be the perfect word to describe a runny nose, or flu, which is a very common problem we all must have experienced time and again.

It occurs when the mucus in the nasal passages and sinus increases. The increase in mucus production is the way our body flushes out cold or irritants, allergens and flu virus out of our body.

When faced with a runny nose, you naturally must have used many over-the-counter medicines for it, but they can invite side effects like drowsiness.

It is therefore advisable to opt for home remedies, which can give you great relief without causing side effects. Check out these popular home remedies.



This is probably one of the best remedies, which helps reduce the irritation that you experience when suffering from a runny nose. Salt water helps thin the mucus, thus making it more comfortable and easier to expel. It will even help clear your nasal passages.

salt water

  • Take two cups of warm distilled water and add one-half teaspoon table salt in it.
  • With the help of a dropper, put few drops of this solution in each nostril, while keeping your head tilted back.
  • Gently inhale to allow the solution go further down your nasal passages. Now, blow your nose to get rid of excess solution and mucus.
  •  Repeat this few more times, at a sitting, until you enjoy some relief.
  •  You can repeat this twice each day, until you see improvement in your condition.



Steam inhalation will help rid you of excess mucus that leads to sneezing and a runny nose.

facial steaming

  • Take a bowl of hot water and keep your face over it. Make sure to cover your head with a towel so that the steam does not escape. Breathe the steam in for at least 10 minutes, and then blow your nose. Repeat this procedure 3 – 4 times a day.
  • You may even add menthol or eucalyptus oil to the hot water before taking the steam.
  • A hot water bath or shower also provides great relief.



Ginger contains lots of antioxidants and also antitoxin, anti-fungal and antiviral properties, which can provide you quick relief from the symptoms of a runny nose.


  • You can sprinkle some salt on small pieces of ginger and chew them few times a day to get great relief.
  • You may even make ginger tea by cutting ginger into thin slices, add them to water and boil it. You may add some honey for taste, and drink this concoction 3 – 4 times in a day.
  • Take two cups of water, boil one-teaspoon ginger powder in it, and inhale the vapor.



Garlic has great antiseptic and antibacterial properties making it a great remedy for a runny nose.




  • You can make garlic soup by adding 3 – 4 cloves of garlic into a cup of water and boiling it for few minutes. Strain it, add some sugar, and drink this soup at least twice a day.
  • You may even chew on a small garlic clove 3 – 4 times a day. This will warm up your body, and thus offer relief.



This is a great decongestant, and it can give you instant relief.


  • Take a big bowl of water and heat it. Add 6 – 7 drops of eucalyptus oil, and four drop of peppermint and lavender oil in it. Now, take the scanted steam by covering your head with a towel, and leaning over the bowl.
  • You may even put few drops of eucalyptus oil on your handkerchief, and keep inhaling it through the day.



Cayenne pepper popularly known as SHOMBO in Nigeria, helps clear up nasal congestion and helps cure a runny nose.


It increases nasal discharge, and thus can help flush out the toxins and blockage that has resulted in a runny nose. Add as much of cayenne pepper as you can in your dishes when you are suffering from a runny nose.



Honey too is a great solution to get rid of runny nose. Honey has great antiviral and antibacterial properties, and can help reduce the symptoms associated with a runny nose.


  • Take a cup and add two tablespoons honey, half-tablespoon lemon juice, and a pinch of cinnamon powder to it. Take this mixture two times a day.
  • In a glass of lukewarm water, add two tablespoons honey. Mix and drink it twice a day.
  • Take one glass of warm water and add one-tablespoon honey, and 3 – 4 drops of lemon juice. Drink this concoction while it is warm, twice a day. Together with helping cure your runny nose, it can also strengthen your immune system.



Mustard has great antiviral, antihistamine and antibiotic properties and can give you great relief.

mustard oil

  • Take a little amount of mustard oil and heat it until it is just slightly warm. Take a dropper and a put a drop or two of this oil in both your nostrils. This will clear your nasal passages. Make sure you repeat this 2 – 3 times a day.
  • In a pot of water, add one-tablespoon caraway seed, and 2 – 3 tablespoons mustard oil, and let it boil. Now remove from heat, and inhale the steam. If it is too hot to burn your face, let it cool down slightly, but it must be hot enough for the steam to work. The strong scent of mustard oil will warm up your respiratory system and provide you instant relief. Repeat this process twice a day.



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