Gorillas Recognise Teen They had Only Seen as a Little Girl 12 Years Earlier

For 15 years the Aspinall Foundation has been reintroducing captive Gorillas back into the wild  from Howletts Wild Animal Park in England to their million acres in west Africa. After 4 years of absence, Damian Aspinall goes back to the Gabon looking for two gorillas, which had been brought up at Howletts Wild Animal Park and finally released back into the wild many years ago.

Damian, his daughter Tansy and the crew looked for many hours on the river in search of the Gorrillas and they finally appeared after hearing the calls. Damian was a little nervous to meet our cousins, since he hadn’t seen them for many years. He wasn’t sure how they would react, but the sweetest thing happened.
The Gorillas hadnt seen Tansy for 12 years, WATCH what the Gorillas did after seeing the girl they had not seen for
so long.

From This

To This

Girl and Gorillas Reunite

source youtube

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