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Google Turns 19 Today, Celebrating The World’s Most Popular Search Engine, We Bring You Google 19 Years Ago

Google is turning 19 and we needed to praise the world’s most prevalent internet searcher by flaunting some of engine’s early photographs. We googled Google and investigated from its introduction to the world till today.

The organization was established in 1998, and despite the fact that Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” was on the Billboard outlines, there wasn’t much to see:

We didn’t just whip this up, this is the most recent screen shot of on that we could discover.


This is what Google looked like when the rest of the world was celebrating like it was 1999.



Things looked pretty much the same for a few years until Google hit its “awkward teen phase.” Check out the ridiculous font and crazy punk-rock resolution in this image from 2003.
The beauty of over the years lies in keeping it simple. The page has always had an understated elegance reminiscent of a clean-slate.
The above image has a weird symbol next to the colorful “Google” text and there’s absolutely no possible way to determine what the tiny letters “TM” mean.
Things don’t change a whole lot,, for the next 7 years. Then out-of-nowhere, in 2010,  it drops this bombshell of an update — prepare your eyes for:
Things hadn’t changed much until this “radical” redesign that destroyed pre-conceived notions like “change can’t be subtle.”
If that doesn’t blow your mind out of your skull and into your lap: sit down for this updated design from a year in which the most Googled question beginning with “what is” was “What is twerking?”
This looks truly recognizable to any individual who began utilizing PCs in 2010 and stopped in 2016.

I realize what you’re considering: Google hasn’t changed since 2013 so you think. Well you’re off-base.

In the event that you set aside the opportunity to find it you would have come across this story that clarifies why the following picture is from 2015, when this happened:

Google doesn’t change often, here we are in 2017 and looks like this:
Happy Birthday Google! Way to keep it classy!

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