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Google The Word ‘Idiot,’ Get Pictures of Trump: How Activists are Manipulating Google Images

Is US president Donald Trump an idiot? Well, Google Images sure thinks so. When users type the word “idiot” in their search term on the engine, hundreds of pictures of Trump flood the screen.

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At the time of writing, the word idiot still presents a slew of images of Trump, some even doctored, as well as those of his sons Eric and Donald Jr.


According to The Guardian, the attack is a result of a campaign started by online activists who are unhappy with the president’s somewhat controversial policies. They are reportedly manipulating Google’s algorithm by attaching the word to Trump’s images.

The article states that the trend started with Reddit users “upvoting” a post that contained a photo of Trump linked to that word. The article also claims that Google has always refused to “play God” when it comes to its search engine’s algorithm.

According to the article, in 2004, search for “Jew” returned hooked-nosed caricatures, and in 2009 searches for “Michelle Obama” showed modified pictures that gave the first lady ape-like features. It also claims that searching for “rapist” before the US election will return at least five images of president Bill Clinton.



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