Google Set To Launch VPN Service

Google to charge Android partners up to $40 per device for apps: source

With the Covid-19 pandemic on our minds, we have become more and more cautious about safety and security.

We have taken steps to ensure our health safety but it is also important to take steps to ensure your cybersecurity.

With remote work possibly becoming a permanent thing, you might have found yourself entering your credit card number while connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

While this is convenient, a public Wi-Fi network may be less secure than your personal one. This can put your personal information at risk of theft from hackers.

Google has announced the new VPN by Google One on 2 TB and higher plans to provide an extra layer of online protection for your Android phone.


“We already build advanced security into all our products, and the VPN extends that security to encrypt all of your phone’s online traffic, no matter what app or browser you’re using. The VPN is built into the Google One app, so with just one tap, you can rest assured knowing your connection is safe from hackers,” said Google in a blogpost.

“We’re also now rolling out Pro Sessions by Google One with VPN support. With Pro Sessions, you can schedule one-on-one online sessions with a Google expert to learn more about VPNs and how to stay safer online. You’ll get access to the VPN and Pro Sessions in addition to the 2 TB of storage and other member benefits you already get with the plan, like 10 percent back in store credit on all Google Store device purchases.”

A bonus worth noting is that if you have shared your 2 TB Google One plan with family members, they can also enable the VPN on their own devices at no extra cost.

The VPN by Google One will roll out in the United States in the coming weeks through the Google One app (Android only) and will expand to more countries and to iOS, Windows and Mac in the coming months.


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