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Google Fined €4.3 billion by the European Union

Google has been condemned by the European Union to pay a record fine of 4.3 billion euros. The US giant is accused of abusing the dominant position of its Android operating system. The American company will appeal.

The European Union (EU) on July 18 imposed a record fine of 4.34 billion euros on Google for abusing the dominant position of its smartphone operating system, Android, to establish hegemony of its online search service. Google announced in the wake want to appeal this decision.

The European Commission has also summoned the American company “to put an end to its illegal practices within 90 days, on pain of being penalized by up to 5% of the global average daily Alphabet turnover”, the parent company of Google.


A record fine in a tense business context

The amount of the fine is decided at the last moment and can theoretically reach, according to European competition rules, up to 10% of the total turnover of the company, which amounted to Alphabet, parent company of Google, at 110.9 billion dollars in 2017 (94.7 billion euros).

The Android antitrust file, an operating system used by 80% of smartphones in Europe and worldwide, has been in the European Commission’s sights for several years

In its complaints to Google on 20 April 2016, the European Commission accused the internet giant of forcing smartphone makers, such as Korean Samsung or Huawei, to pre-install Google Search and set it up as a service. default search, or exclusive, on the vast majority of devices equipped with Android sold in Europe. 

This new fine imposed on Google by the European executive beats the record of 2.42 billion euros of June 27, 2017. It had sanctioned another abuse of a dominant position in online research: the Google price comparator Shopping  was indeed privileged at the expense of competing services. 


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