Google Belongs to Which Country? All About Google At A Glance

which country is google from

anytime a question may arise in our minds that who invented the search giant Google? and how it originated ? from which country it belongs to?  yup these are interesting question so today we will cover major facts about the big “G”. In Developed nations 90% of people have access to web but In third world countries the amount is too less Even someone is familiar with  internet or not,Almost there is no such person who is not aware of the Google. It clearly indicates the success of this great multinational incorporation as it is recognized by everyone now. It is specialized in major internet relating services including search, cloud computing, online advertising technology, software online programs and many other useful properties for humans thus it is listed in world’s biggest corporations and considered most beneficial for human beings . Although it has number of sources of revenue yet the AdWords is the major source of  its earning and it derives the maximum profits through AdWords.


General Information –  Every One Should Know
google logoType : PublicIndustry : Internet , Computer software , Telecoms equipmentHeadquarters : Googleplex, Mountain View, California, U.S.Area served : WorldwideTraded as : NASDAQ: Google Inc. Stock Quote
NASDAQ-100 Component
S&P 500 ComponentFounder(s) : Larry Page & Sergey Brin

Founded : Menlo Park, California (September 4, 1998)

Key people For the Google inc :

Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman)

Larry Page (Co-founder & CEO)

Sergey Brin (Co-founder)


Revenue : Increase US$ 50.18 billion

Operating income : Increase US$ 12.76 billion

Total assets : Increase US$ 93.80 billion

Profit Increase : US$ 10.74 billion

Total equity : Increase US$ 71.72 billion

Number of Employees : 46,421

Subsidiaries :

  • AdMob
  • DoubleClick
  • Motorola Mobility
  • On2 Technologies
  • Picnik
  • YouTube
  • Zagat
  • Waze
  • Blogger

Official Website :


which country does google belongs to

Google In 1998

In the above screenshot, we can see how Google looked like in 1998

The initial Design of its home page was so simple, since Markup languages like  HTML and other web programming languages were not so sophisticated  for designing the webpages. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin during their PhD Studies at the Stanford University. They own the 16% shares of the firm and they incorporated it as a private company on the September 4th, 1998. Later on in march 1999, the company moved its offices to Palo Alto, California which is considered the home to the numerous admired Silicon Valley technology start-ups. In the next year, Larry Page and his friend Sergey Brin’s initial efforts on the advertising founded the search engine and then Google began to sell the advertisements concerned with the search keywords. Though to keep the page design uncluttered and to increase the speed they used to keep the advertisements solely text-based. Initially the keywords were sold at the combination of price bids and click-through at that time the bid was starting from only five cents per click. And with the passage of time and rapid growth make Google more innovative and well reputed worldwide.It has different strategies through which it is earning following image is Google’s strategies.


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