Google Aims To Upskill 1 Million Africans

Over a twelve-month period, two training programmes, dubbed ‘Digify Bytes’ and ‘Digify Pro’ will be run by Google and Livity Africa. The programmes seek to improve young people’s skills as well as provide training for the more skilled digital specialists.

The programmes are designed to enhance soft skills like social media and content creation. The two organisations are targeting training 100 000 people face-to-face and about 900 000 people online. At the same time, Google and Livity Africa have launched a website called which is a digital portal running nine courses and hoping to reach 50 courses by July.


The beauty of the training programmes is that they are aimed at teaching learners at their own pace. To date, the partnership has launched training initiatives in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Luke McKend, country director for Google South Africa said that upskilling Africans is the “kind of problem Google was designed to solve.”

Source: The South African


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