Good News! Tanzania on the Brink of Discovering Prostate Cancer Cure

Tanzania is likely to be the first country in the world to discover the ultimate cure for Prostate Cancer. Researchers at Science and Technology Institution here are on the brink of discovering the cure for the deadly prostate cancer, through the herbal-based medical concoctions derived from some indigenous trees found in Tanga Region in northern Tanzania.


Prostate cancer begins to grow in the prostate – a gland in the male reproductive system; the cancer only affects men.

Apart from curing the cancer the treatment will also prevent cases of prostate enlargement, cure other sexually transmitted diseases and eliminate surgical operations on glands according to the study on ‘Pranus Africana’ tree in the Magamba Forest in Lushoto, one of the eight districts of Tanga Region in Tanzania.


The six month study is being conducted by scientists from the Arusha-based Nelson Mandela African Institute for Science and Technology.
“The tree, which grows naturally in many parts of the country, is on the verge of extinction due to harvest but the Magamba Forest has plenty of it and local residents have been using its barks for treatment… the tree is believed to totally cure prostate infections, including cancer,” said the Institute’s Deputy Vice- Chancellor, Dr Mussa Chacha

The Pranus Africanas tree bark is used by locals to cure fevers, malaria, wound dressing, arrow poison, stomach pain, purgative, kidney disease, appetite stimulant, gonorrhea and insanity. The large tree by any dimension is evergreen and native to forest regions.

Also known as pygeum, the tree which yields small and white flowers and grows up to 45 meters high gives pygeum fruit which resembles a cherry. However it is the back which is said to be red, brown or grey in colour that is used for medicinal purposes which dates to the 1700s.


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