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Good News: New HIV Drug Kills 99 per cent of Virus During First Human Trial

A new HIV drug created by Israeli researchers has passed its first human clinical trial.

At end of the trial, it was discovered that the drug, named Gammora, created by Zion Medical, an Israeli biotech company was capable of wiping out 99 per cent of HIV infected cells in the human body.

According to a statement released by the company and available on PR Newswire, Gammora was able to eliminate up to 90 per cent of the virus during the first four weeks of the trial.

Zion Medical developed the drug Gammora in collaboration with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Sirion Biotech in Germany.

The drug is designed to attack and kill the HIV-infected cells in the human body without causing damage to the healthy cells.

In the study, researchers randomly assigned nine participating patients from the Ronald Bata Memorial Hospital in Uganda to receive different doses of Gammora between four to five weeks in July and August of this year.

While the new HIV drug is still in its first stage of exploration, the results have already offered hope that a cure for the dreaded virus is possible.

“Most patients showed a significant reduction of the viral load of up to 90 per cent from the baseline during the first four weeks,” said Dr. Esmira Naftalim, Zion Medical’s head of development.



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  1. This very Good news most of subsaharan African country Affected by HIV/AIDS because of they live in poor life conditions. So this should reach them as much as possible to save their life..!!! I am heartfelt thanks for the researchers.

  2. o my God its unbelivable😲
    the deadly virus the one that has killed so many people,the one that has made so many kids suffered and Hopless is going to be elimenated😮 TANX TO GOD

  3. Thank you to the researchers, please continue the good work we need this drug in Sub Saharan Africa. It will do a lot for the people the suffering from HIV and AIDS related disease is a lot. I hope the pharmaceutical companies don’t kill these researchers in the meantime widely share the knowledge and involve other people. Our people need this, there is so much suffering and pain from this disease. Congratulations to being another step closer to curing HIV .

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