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Good News! Facebook Restricts Ethnic Targeting

Facebook will no longer allow US advertisers to exclude users based on their ethnicity for advertisements related to real estate, employment and credit.

Facebook allowed advertisers to target its users according to their “ethnic affinity”. Six categories of people are represented: African Americans, Americans of Asian origin and four types of Hispanic groups according to the language (s) spoken. Advertisers may specifically include one or more of these groups or exclude them from targeting.

Americans worried about this practice on 28 October. The media ProPublica then published an article in which he explained how he had managed to buy advertising targeting Facebook users looking for a house excluding those having affinity with African-American Internet users, Asian-American or Hispanic.


Users of the social network subsequently filed a lawsuit against Facebook. They ruled that this option was discriminatory and violated their rights protected by the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act of 1968.

In response to these concerns, Erin Egan, vice president of public policy for Facebook in the United States, gave an interview to the daily She explains that the network will no longer allow advertisers to exclude ethnic groups for ads related to Real estate, employment and credit. It will produce tools to detect the use of this type of marketing, and then put its advertising policies up to date so that advertisers agree not to discriminate.

This is not a complete retreat from Facebook, but a more restricted access to targeting tools.


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