“Good Luck”: When French Emmanuel Macron Receives A Call From Former US President, Barack Obama!!

Barack Obama made a phone call to Emmanuel Macron to wish him “good luck” in the final stretch of the presidential election before the first round on Sunday, April 23rd.

For  Barack Obama ,  Emmanuel Macron  is not an unknown or the one who is designated as the outsider of the presidential 2017 in France in the American media. The former president of the United States was briefed by  a certain Laurence Haim , who became the spokesman of the candidate of the movement En Marche in recent weeks. ”  They  (Obamaet his team, ed)  heard about Emmanuel Macron by me. I told them what I thought of Emmanuel Macron in relation to the French context. (…) He has the energy of Obama, Macron. It has youth, it innovates, it tries to break codes, “had revealed the former permanent envoy to the United States of I-TV  in the show  C to you.

This Thursday, April 20,  Emmanuel Macron  had the right to a very friendly phone call from Barack Obama. He unveiled on his Twitter account the beginning and the end of their conversation on the election to come. ”  I wish you the best  at the end of the campaign”  and “good luck  ” launched the former head of state, who enjoys his free time with his wife Michelle. ”  I will do my best, believe me! I will fight until the last minute , “promised Emmanuel Macron.

Future collaboration?

”  I thought it was great to be able to talk to him, our teams were in touch. We were both available, we took advantage of it, “commented the former Minister of Economy at the microphone of  RTL,  about this very cordial exchange with Barack Obama. At the end of the phone call, he even offered to work together if he was elected, in two weeks.

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