Golfing Amongst the Swaziland Wildlife

Not many would necessarily associate Swaziland with golf. This small yet stunning country is a little known African wildlife destination despite its lions, rhinos, giraffe, elephant and wildebeest – everything you want from a safari holiday. In fact it is Africa in a nutshell with the added extras of incredible culture and magical scenery. But, what happens when you mix a rhino trek with a double eagle? Swaziland expert Jenny Bowen knows! “Not many people realise how good the golf courses are in Swaziland,” enthuses Jenny, “there is always the added excitement of waiting for a herd of waterbuck to cross the fairway before you drive – not your everyday experience. And watch out for the water hazards, they really can take after their name if a crocodile has taken up residence!”

Jenny has teamed up with her brother Jason Bowen, a PGA professional, to form Golfing Wild. The ethos of Golfing Wild is to take guests off the beaten track of mass tourism, to incorporate golf into their holiday and to provide incredible activities and excursions for non-golfers and golfers alike. The result is an itinerary that includes everyone, whether they play golf or not and gives a personalised experience to Swaziland. So why not incorporate your hobby of golf with a holiday of a lifetime? Golfing Wild caters for all standards and coaching is on hand at all times, and there are also incredible activities for those that do not even play the game.


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