Golden Berry: The Only Fruit That Cures Prostate Cancer

Cancer is one of the worst diseases ever, but thanks to this wonderful natural fruit, Golden Berry. This is the only fruit which has been proven to cure prostate cancer, which is a common disease among mature and old men.

picture of gloden berry

Golden berry, as you can see bellow grows naturally in forests and bushy areas, it can also be planted in gardens. This fruit has more than one healthy benefit but the most important is the ability to cure prostate cancer.

The fruit can be eaten direct from the garden or mixed with salads, cakes, bread and sweets. But health experts advise that you eat it direct from the garden.

More interesting about this fruit is that despite curing prostate cancer, it also contain the following health benefits:

  • Barry is a source of vitamin A,C and D
  • The fruit is a powerful energizer for children and athletes.
  • It is a great diuretic
  • Reduces cholesterol levels in your body, reduces chances of suffering from cancer and diabetes.
  • Golden barry also helps in purifying the blood.
  • It contains fiber, which help in improving digestion.

For those who don’t know what prostate cancer is, these are the causes .


Researchers do not know exactly what causes prostate cancer. But they have found some risk factors and are trying to learn just how these factors cause prostate cells to become cancer.

On a basic level, prostate cancer is caused by changes in the DNA of a normal prostate cell. DNA is the chemical in our cells that makes up our genes. Our genes control how our cells function. We usually look like our parents because they are the source of our DNA. But DNA affects more than just how we look.

Some genes control when our cells grow, divide into new cells, and die:

  • Certain genes that help cells grow, divide, and stay alive are called oncogenes.
  • Genes that normally keep cell growth under control, repair mistakes in DNA, or cause cells to die at the right time are called tumor suppressor genes.

Cancer can be caused in part by DNA changes (mutations) that turn on oncogenes or turn off tumor suppressor genes.

DNA changes can either be inherited from a parent or can be acquired during a person’s lifetime.

Doctors instruct that you should eat golden Barry direct from the garden if at all you want to be cured of prostate cancer. Though it takes a while before you start realizing the benefits of this fruit, eventually a person suffering from this disease will experience gradual diminishing of cancer cells.


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