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God Will Soon Declare Me ‘god’ – Embattled Ghanaian Bishop Obinim Says

Embattled founder of the International God’s Way Church Bishop Daniel Obinim has revealed that he will soon be declared a god by God Himself.

In a interview with Joy FM, Bishop Obinim who is currently under separate investigations for an alleged GHC11.6 million fraud and assault after publicly flogging two teenage members of his church over alleged fornication and attempted abortion, said an encounter with Jesus Christ convinced him that he will soon be declared a god.

“I saw Jesus Christ in my dreams who said: ‘Collect this angelic gift.’ So, if I’m faithful to Jesus Christ, maybe the next spiritual gift He will confer on me will be a replica of what happened in Exodus Chapter 7 in the Bible where God told Moses that: ‘Now I’ve made you God, so whatever you say is final. But now God has not made me God. Maybe the next time God will say: ‘Obinim, now I’ve made you a god, you can even conjure up money’,”

The controversial pastor also vowed to ruthlessly deal with his accuser and everybody who made mockery of him after his arrest.

“The Bible says: ‘Touch not my anointed.’ To those who contracted my accuser to disgrace me, I leave all of you to Jesus Christ in heaven. That Bismark Kusi who accused me, his family and those who appeared as witnesses, I will deal with them spiritually; my father Jesus Christ who you disgraced will never allow you to have peace. You will see what will happen to you,” he said.


Angel Obinim also revealed that he has enough properties, including 20 houses and several cars which makes it strange for anybody to accuse him of fraud.

“I have more than 20 houses given to me by Jesus Christ. I had about eight Range Rover cars which I gifted to my pastors. I had five Infinity SUVs and three Chryslers which I also gifted to my pastors because my car is ‘AUTOBIOGRAPHY’, meaning the car’s brain power is superior to that of a human being. If you cross that car, it stops automatically, and its door is not slammed, it shuts by itself. It is also bulletproof” he boasted.

The Bishop was granted bail on Thursday, August 25, after two nights in police cells, watch a video of him arriving home below:



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  1. I’m really sorry for the followers. How they’ve been fooled by this reckless and selfish individual? He is doing blasphemy on God. There is non like God!

    • I am sorry for the followers too. I don’t blame them, since they don’t have education like Obinim himself, they said birds of the same feathers flock together. Obinim is a fully comedian. I don’t know why the government doesn’t stop him? Obinim doesn’t even know the meaning of God and he can’t even express himself in english. Only fools will follow him. He should be in jail if he were to be in one of the advance countries.

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