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“Only God Who Appointed Me Will Remove Me” – Mugabe Returns Home Alive, Ridicules Death Rumours!

The reason behind Mugabe’s Dubai trip has been revealed. The Zimbabwe President says he went to perform his fatherly duties to his child.

Last week President Mugabe attended the 36th South Africa Development Community (SADC) summit which held from 17th to 31st August in Swaziland. Mugabe unusually left before the summit was over.

Report confirmed that about 3 hours after his return to Zimbabwe, he took off again.

Flight Tracker website revealed that the Presidential flight went to Dubai after an original flight path indicated a course toward Asia.

The urgency of his movement and the tracking of the flight across the Indian Ocean suggested he was headed to Singapore before the sharp turn. Many speculated the impromptu movements might have been health related.

President Mugabe receives his regular medical services in Singapore.

However, Mugabe’s spokesman tactfully gave no comments when approached by the media over Mugabe’s Dubai Trip.

On his return, President Mugabe confirmed to the media that he had gone to fulfill a family necessity that involved his child. He said this right after he mocked the speculations that his health got worse and that he was probably dying.


“Yes, I was dead, it’s true I was dead. I resurrected as I always do. Once I get back to my country I am real.”

I had gone on a family matter to Dubai concerning one of my children.”

Zimbabwe will have to take his word for it. Recall that her excellency, Grace Mugabe, had once said that her 92-year old spouse and the oldest ruling dictator in the world will rule from the grave.

He himself had been quoted to say that:

“Only God who appointed me will remove me.”


Did you know that President Mugabe still has intentions of running for the 2018 Zimbabwe elections?

Zim President had made a similar funny response to reporters during his 92nd birthday celebration on the issue of relinquishing the presidential throne.

Mugabe threatened to punch a journalist for inquiring whom his successor would be.

“Do you want me to punch you to the floor to realize I am still there? Why ‘successor’ when I am still there?’ Why do you want a successor?”


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