‘Go To Blazes And Burn To Ashes’.. A ‘Once-In-Love’ Acid Victim Cursed His EX..(Photos)

 A man, identified as Daniel Rotari, whose face was melted off by his ex with acid has said he believes his attacker will ‘burn in hell’ because she ‘doesn’t have a soul’.

The 31-year-old had 96 per cent pure sulphuric acid poured over him by Katy Leong while he slept in their Leicester home in July 2016, after she initially tested it on a sausage.

After being left severely disfigured, traumatised and suicidal, He is now rebuilding his life with his new girlfriend, support worker Anna Catanga.

acid victim's message

According to Mailonline, in an interview on Good Morning Britain, presenter Piers Morgan asked him, ‘What do you feel about the person who did this to you – your former girlfriend?’

He said:

‘She is going to burn in hell, I think. She doesn’t have a soul’And I have no feelings for her.’


acid victim's message

acid victim's message



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