“Go ahead, Son of P”, Philippine President Duterte Threatens To Expel European Diplomats

Rodrigo Duterte threatened to expel several European ambassadors, accusing their government of plotting against Manila in order to exclude the Philippines from the United Nations. The bubbling head of state has gratified them with his favorite insult.

"Go ahead, son of P", Philippine President Duterte threatens to expel European diplomats
Illustration: Rodrigo Duterte in June 2017, photo © Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

In a speech on October 12, 2017, Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte vehemently attacked the member states of the European Union. The Philippine president accuses them of criticizing his policy of fighting against drugs. Since taking office in 2016, police have killed at least 3,850 people suspected of involvement in drug trafficking, according to the AFP count.

“You say,” You will be excluded from the United Nations “. Son of p ****, go ahead! “, He fulminated in front of reporters, accusing the Europeans of interfering with Philippine domestic politics and wanting to put his country at the ban of the nations. “You give us money, then you start telling us what to do or not to do in our country … We are no longer in the colonies,” he added. ‘after AFP, believing that European countries benefited from the fact that his country was poor. But the Philippine head of state has become even more threatening. “We can break the diplomatic channel tomorrow [and] you leave my country in 24 hours, all,” he said.


Yet the European Union (EU), in the strict sense, has never commented on a possible United Nations phasing out of the Philippines. In addition to its numerous disputes with Western diplomats, the President of the Philippines no doubt had in mind the European Parliament’s resolutions against Manila. In 2016, the EU body was worried about the “extraordinarily high” number of people killed in organized police operations to combat drug trafficking. The resolution called on Rodrigo Duterte to end the wave of extrajudicial executions and “murders”. In March 2017, the European Parliament re-examined the internal affairs of the Philippines, calling for the release of a political opponent,triggering once again the ire of the Filipino president .

In a statement issued on 12 October, the EU delegation in the Philippines tried to appease Manila, highlighting its cooperation with the authorities. “The EU and the Philippines work together constructively and productively … in many areas, including, of course, in the context of the United Nations,” she said.

During his presidential campaign, Rodrigo Duterte promised to eradicate drug trafficking and said he was prepared to kill up to 100,000 suspected drug traffickers and drug users if necessary.

Source: Reuters, AFP


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