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Global Firepower: Here Are The Africa’s Most Powerful Militaries in 2016

The Global Firepower (GFP) has released its 2016 list of the most-powerful militaries in Africa. The ranking — which was based on specific factors including the potential to deflate security threats and attacks by other nations through the means of tactical defense, war, and military deterrence as well as funding — was also dependent upon “compet[ing] with larger, lesser-developed military forces.” Below is a list of the top five African countries that topped the list.

  1. Egypt: The Egyptian Armed Forces is the most-powerful military force in Africa for 2016. With a total population of more than 88 million military men, Egypt’s army is one of the finest in Africa as the country also boasts optimized logistics and the highest number of self-propelled guns in Africa, totaling 889, and MLRSs of about 1,481 with its total defense budget in the lead at $4.4 trillion.
  2. Algeria: The Algerian People’s National Armed Forces is the second most-powerful military base in Africa with an active labor force of more than 11 million, frontline personnel of 512,000, and 975 tanks and 148 MLRSs. When it comes to Algeria’s air power, the country owns close to 451 aircrafts and 210 helicopters. As of 2016, the defense budget of Algeria stands at $10.5 trillion.
  3. Ethiopia: With a labor force of 47,540,000 men and women, the Ethiopian National Defense Force remains the third most-powerful military in Africa. The country currently has a defense budget of $34o billion with total aircrafts numbering 80. To date, the Ethiopian National Armyowns a wide array of land systems with its tanks numbering 2,300, towed-artillery at 700, and MLRSs at 183.
  4. Nigeria: Ranking 44th among 126 military forces across the world, the Nigerian Army turns out to be the fourth most-powerful military base in Africa. Guarding a population of more than 181 million civilians, the Nigerian army can boast of a labor force of  55,780,000 members with a total defense budget of more than $2.3 trillion. As the most powerful military in West Africa, the Nigerian Army has 105 total aircrafts and 38 helicopters.
  5. South Africa: The South African Army has an available manpower of 26 million personnel and a total labor force of more than 20 million. The military boasts 50 Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs) and armored fighting vehicles numbering over 2,000. In terms of the financial strength of the army, South Africa is documented to have a total of more than $4 billion in its defense budget.

Source: face2faceafrica

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