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“Giving a Car to a Poor Person is a Waste of Resources,” Says a Ghanaian Pastor

A Ghanaian prophet and pastor, founder of the Glorious Wave Ministry Church , Emmanuel Badu Kobi, challenged the low-class mentality in his congregation

Badu Kobi, commented that giving a car to a “poor” is detrimental to his meager resources rather than his release from his stagnant financial state. Badu, who claims to be a rich man blessed by God, is known for his generosity in his church.

As pleased as the clerk who distributes cars to members of his assembly, he is of the opinion that doing the same thing for a “poor” person is a waste of resources. According to his logic, a financially unfit person will have difficulty managing a car because of the expenses it will incur in the long term. Since he pronounced on this state of fact, his opinion causes for several hours a big controversy on the web.

He said in a recent interview with Ghana’s local TV channel, KOFI TV:

“I can not offer a car as a gift to a poor member. “ Stressing, that it can only help people who are working hard with such gifts. He further explained that the poor person, including his church member, may not be able to financially manage a luxurious car.

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