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Ghana’s President Nana Akufo Addo “Mines Must Benefit African Populations First and Foremost”

Always in front of the scene since his rise to power , the president Akufo Addo repays the actions for 2019 . Present at the African Mining Indaba conference held in South Africa, President Nana Akufo Addo argued that the mines should benefit African populations first and foremost.

It is time for the African continent to feed on its resources. 
The development of African mines should benefit Africans.


Africa has made the world rich through its minerals. Our gems adorn wreaths and homes around the world. It is time for Africa to prosper and for its people to achieve a dignified standard of living. Join us in this exciting project for sustainable economic growth, “said President Addo.

“While, over the years, some mining companies have complimented the government’s work in these communities, I am confident that much more can be done to transform communities if the government and mining companies collaborate in an intelligent and sustainable way.” he continued.

The Ghanaian head of state subsequently appealed to all the heads of state of the continent, reports our source.

It would be wiser for each country to create value chains at the local level in order to fully benefit from the income from its subsoil.


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