Ghana’s President, John Mahama Is A “Disgrace” To Africa – President Robert Mugabe

Mahama is a disgrace to Ghana and Africa – Robert Mugabe..

The AU chairman made these comments in relation to the hasty decision Ghana’s President took in sympathizing with the French over the recent rebel attacks which led to a massacre.

“Mahama did little or nothing as an Ecowas chairman in helping curb the rebellion situation in Nigeria and the rest of African countries suffering in the hands of rebels on this continent. And the next thing I hear is Mahama is up condemning French attacks while he has not started or finished the attacks on his own personality for the mess he has done to his country and people.


I want that man to first address his own problems before extending hands. Or is it one of his usual means of deceiving the ignorant whites for loans which he never uses to build anything for his people but spend on himself and sympathizers. In fact that man is a disgrace to his people and Africa”.

Robert Mugabe noted……..



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  1. What is this robert mugabe doing to himself and his people. Has the old man forgotten so soon? the hand that gave you shelter, food and everything including woman today is a disgrace. Mahama might be a disgrace but certainly not a mass murderer. Can this old man remember January 1983 Ndebele massacres that were orchestrated by mugabe and his zanu -pf party. How dare you call my president a disgrace.

    • Read properly, gain understanding and comment.
      He said ur president is a disgrace to the beautiful country (Ghana) .
      He never said the country is a disgrace.

    • dzigbordi kodzo, that is why we are suffering! Because Ghana gave food and a woman to lay with, when something is not right, he shouldnt say it.
      So you are mot saying anything because you are being fed at espense of the man Ghanaian who also pay tax. That is even if you pay tax too. Bellyman!

    • What Mugabe said is true but I thought he was only a disgrace to Ghana. Mahama has borrowed over US$35 billion in only 7 years and he, his family and party members have stolen all.

    • our hero mugabe is absolutely right, my people we need to understand in the since that, hero mugabe is old in this world and he knows things that john mahama did not know. you make a soup and you put too much salt inside and no one can eat it, you go someone kitchen tells him there is too much salt in his soup. ooh
      Ghana is not for mahama only. john mahama, your peoples die every day by day because of economic problems from europe and americans. what did you do about it?

    • Masa the president is useless ,make we walk .. He’s so stupid to even realize what the power problem is causing to small industries

  2. Meanwhile in Ghana, ideal conditions are being created for the emergence of dissidents, rebels and militants through an ever growing perception of government complicity in corruption, incompetence and intolerance for criticism! How far will Mahama take it for the bubble to burst before he runs to the British, U.S. and France to come and clean up the mess? Only a matter of time!

    • It seems you guys have a psychotic zeal for violence. You must think the presidency is a birth right. I have news for you Kofi. Ther is no and won’t be any militant or dissidence in the country any time soon. And no one has said you can’t criticize the president. Don’t put your tail between your legs and let yourself be programmed. You won’t see any good in Mahama unless it is akuffo Addo. I understand that. That is politics but please don’t wish for any violence cos it won’t materialize

        • Yao when Kofi used ” meanwhile in Ghana…..” I knew which line he was towing. Tell me honestly who in Ghana always sees things with violence lenses as Kofi wants to allude

      • It seems you guys are pathological liars. And as adults supposed to have fully functioning mental faculties it is sad how you throw all sense out and make everything political forgetting your first duty is to your country.
        There was no allusion to NPP or Akuffo Addo in the post. It was totally an unbiased and true observation of the situation on the ground. You NDC goons can continue to attack the truth and spread your propaganda. That won’t change a simple thing.
        On the issue of criticism, didn’t Mahama recently say Bawumia has no clue about presidency and thus is not qualified to criticise him? You guys think this nation is made of complete morons who don’t read.
        We don’t wish for violence, but check your facts. We have ISIL trained operatives returning to Ghana. Sadly, you had no clue that was the point of Kofi’s post, rather you sit there spewing political propaganda.

      • What kind of Violence? Why do you people addressing issues is a problem. The president has no clue of what he is doing, he is playing in the sand and wasting our time. Perhaps his supporters with their shares sees nothing wrong but we the shoemakers and traders are suffering

  3. If truly he John Mahamma hasn’t done anything about the situations as the chairman in ecowas states then he’s a disgrace. But mind you Roberts called him a disgrace, not because he sympathized with the French but because he has fallen off his primary duties. Otherwise….

    • I agree with you james the guy is just a disappointment to the youth, Ghana and the whole Africa. the pathetic thing is that there is no reliable party we can go for to salvage the situation. brothers and sisters why dont we try PPP

      • Yes, let’s try PPP. One simple reason is because a nation is run like a business. And if you want to give a business to someone to run you check his credibility first. What he has achieve for himself. NPP NDC eat together apart from their flag bearers and emotional supporters.

    • uhm…actually Mugabe calls him a disgrace because of both…u can’t take one out…its all in there (unless u are not basing what you said on the reading i.e. you are making an opinion). I am addressing you because, sometimes or most often, our failure to understand things perfectly can lead to further problems or issues when it should not be.

  4. shameful president, did He even received any letter from the French government when one of Ghana’s leader and innocent people whom were shot dead at the mall in Kenya when the rebels attacked them there. but because of corruption He is doing this so that when he go for a loan they will give it to him and he and his NDC people will get some to buy their filthy cars and houses and also use some to buy cars for their girlfriends in the university. am now twenty, let’s see what happens next year. school under tree’s president

  5. did I hear Mugabe saying my president is a disgrace to Africa. aaahhh aputoooorrr. Is he a living being or a ghost. since he became A U chair, what has he done to stop the so called boko haram in Nigeria and other African countries before using his smelly mouth to say that. SMH.

    • President John Mahama is just one of the many presidents in Africa. He has challenges in his own country hence he can’t be seen solving the problems of all African states. I remember he the first African leader to visit all the Ebola countries at the plague of the epidemic and making donations across those countries. The AU chairman never visited any of these countries. Even Morocco refused to host the Africa Cup of Nations because of the epidemic. Leaders should be mindful not to mislead Africans into seeing other people’s fault because everyone has a good and bad side. Mugabe’s status does not correspond to his speak but his hatred for the Western world vindicated his criticism against President Mahama.

  6. i have always know that that mahama is the most useless and most incompetent president Ghana has ever had. he is corrupt, thief and very unreasonable .today and average Ghana spends less the 1 dollar a day .. the national health insurance has collapsed,school feeding programme has died, SADA is avenue for corruption.his ministers are stealing from the nations wallet, nothing is working under mahama.

  7. President Mugabe has really made my day big time. He has spared that bigot calling himself all sought of rubbish. Prez. Mugabe has done what most well known men of God and Chiefs couldn’t do with regards to the rot that is going on our country Ghana. I Know someday God will deliver us from this greedy vampire. Mahama your days numbered!!!

    • it funny how politicians behave as if there is never an end to life, stealing and power. they are only stewards to the resources of the nations and God will hold them accountable for how they used them for their selfish gains at the suffering of the masses. am not here to judge but l want all of us to live lives with eternity in mind because it is real. God bless

      • l agree to suggest that we stop the insults because non will be justified for a word used carelessly for any reason, like the good book (bible) says each man will be responsible for their own actions be it politician, citizen or priest. it sad anyways when u look at some of the happenings and attitude of our leaders, l personally believe the greatest problem of africa is greedy and self seeking leaders. instead of insulting let help educate our sisters and brothers to vote the right people in power because when a good man rules the people rejoice .

        • This world is funny look at Mugabe calling mahama disgrace to Africa. How can he all call himself. The so call man has been in power for God knows how many years what have he done to his country and African his calm to love

        • Africa don’t need good leaders rather good citizens because with good citizens you can get good leaders, attitude is our problem……We had good leaders like Kwame Nkruma, Muhamed Gaddafi and co. what did we do to them, we killed them all and now we are crying for good leaders, so now how can we get a leader if all us are bad citizens???

  8. Situations and conditions facing the ordinary Ghanaian is an indication that the Mahatma administration has failed Ghana,but an attack on his personality,calling him ‘useless’,I think is very wrong.

  9. It’s amazing the comments I see here. Remember the reason for Mugabe’s comments is because Prez Mahama’s solidarity message to the French prez and the people of France. Most of the people here condemning prez mahama have already updated their Facebook profile with the French flag praying for the innocent souls that were lost in the cowardly and dastardly act by terrorists. Then again I believe the senile man called Mugabe believes he should be prez because he alone knows what is right for his people and no one else is fit to be prez. At least in Ghana we choose our presidents every 4 years and that will not change until the end of time. I can imagine the jubilation in Zimbabwe the day mugabe will be pronounced dead. Unlike you we will pray for your soul not because people don’t die in ghana, or there is no corruption but because Zimbabwe prez had died and it’s just right that the people are wished well. This stupidity cannot be tolerated. I don’t think such a man who is obviously senile deserves a response from the spokesman at the Ghanaian presidency. I feel sad for Zimbabwe.

    • Contrary to what u think, the senile man is loved by his country men. They understand the western media propaganda…thatz why the senile man has not been killed…they undrstand that the other guy who wants the presidency is a western mole

  10. Young ppl should look at their life now and calculate their age to that of elderly ppl and see what they have achieve and what they will attain, when they get to the age of these elderly ones,before talking foolishly

  11. I perfectly agree with Mr.Mogabe on mahamas issue on the latest French attacks. Ghanaians must always like and thank people who are competent in their situation and not leaders of loot who always have their heads abroad and anus at home.It time we rise and demolish thieves and those greedy bustards in Ghana.I don’t expect any reasonable person to talk against about Mogabes comments on what the so called ambassador of poverty is doing in Ghana.Kudos to KKennedy Agyapong for his attitude one that coffer looter
    Mahama!!!!! Wake up your children and citizens are suffering and it only a foolish man who sleeps when his roof is on fire

  12. Yes Mr president please clean your house first. Went France army attacked Libya in the name of fishing out my hero Muahama Gadafi how many people lost their lives now mahama you don’t know how to solve the economic crisis in your country all what you know is to condemned some people incompetence will always be your name

  13. Mahama too yawa oo.. why did he shame us like and Mugabe just smoked some high grade nigerian weed (egbo). get him a bowl of Ghanaian jollof rice with guinea fowl meat.. cant imagine a mechanic calling a grave digger dirty . Nonsense politicians.

  14. Journalism has been thrown to the dogs. This is a fake story carried by this site. I am so embarrassed in these kind of false stories

  15. It’s a disappointment and disgrace how some of u people talk. Hmmmm! Imagine president Mahama was ur dad or family member? Pls u guys should stop using politics as an excuse to insult an adult for God seek! Or else don’t blame anyone if ur own kids tend to do dat to u! It’s a shame! God bless Ghana!!

    • I agree with you james the guy is just a disappointment to the youth, Ghana and the whole Africa. the pathetic thing is that there is no reliable party we can go for to salvage the situation. brothers and sisters why dont we try PPP
      mISPA please give us a big break. the fact that the person is my brother or father does not mean that if he is doing wrong thing or he is incompetent we should not say it

  16. Can we just be patient enough to get the understanding from the words of Prez. R.Mogabe? He may be right to some extent but I still think that he (Robert) could have been more careful with his choice of words.

  17. An insult to the number one citizen of a country, the commander in chief of arm force of the federal republic of Ghana is an insult to the whole country as well, president Robert mugabe has no right for what soever reason to talk to president of Ghana John dramani mahama the way he did, if the man is irresponsible as he claim is not for mugabe to say, I think is Ghanaians responsibility to let him mahama know that by their vote in their up coming election, but until then mugabe has no right talk to fellow head of state the way he did, is an insult to the entire country of Ghana & mahama himself. He has every right to wish or talk to who ever he wishes, attacking a whole president of a country this way is very very wrong. President mugabe should learn how to curtail his words & give respect to old age.

    • Thank you. You are indeed very wise. Unlike those Ghanaians who gloat about stuff like this because their party is not in power. How childish. I will defend Ghana anytime an outside entity tries to disrespect a sitting president. Ghanaians need to wake up and love their country no matter what. One thing I envy about Nigeria. When they are outside Nigeria they all become one and project their country………Not Ghanaians.

      • Hi Sam, It’s about time we call a spade a spade & not a shovel ,,, your comment projects the kind of leader you would be if given the chance & that’s the attitude in us Ghanaians which has yielded bad leadership since time immemorial. We will defend our own even if they do the worst & that’s what your so called Prez Mahama is exhibiting hence the disastrous results. The sports minister is my friend so I can’t punish him for causing financial lost to the state, I’ll rather defend & cover him irrespective of his crime,, (εne yεn nε). The Ghanaian nature in us is really killing our nation & we need to be able to stand for the truth for once. A good leader is a chastising Father just as God. He loves us but he doesn’t spare the rod in order not to spoil us. Mahama is a bad example of a leader & regardless of who is saying it, that’s the truth so don’t defend him because he is your Prez. Wake up bro.. Ghana deserves better. My name is OHENE.

  18. I feel sad that some ghanaians jubilatin jux because mogabe has insult their president not knowing that he has insulted the country meanwhile zimbabwe is the 2nd poorest country in the world ..are zimbabweans living in sky scripers and eating choicer’s meal of delicacies ? If we feel mahama solving our problems we can vote him out and stop disgracing ourselves here ..if Mugabe is the wise man in zimbabwe let him be but not in ghana.

  19. Mugabe shud first fix d problem then afterwards he can say those harsh things he’s been saying since.

  20. Mugabe…hhhhmmm…whoever said his people love him so much so do his homework well…there’s nobody against him,hes the god there hating him has no effect buh for his words to cross borders to insult mahama,…hes also a disgrace to use such words to a fellow headsman

  21. Mugabe I agree with you 100 percent. Mahama should think of cleaning his mess before cleaning someone’s own. Ahhhh Mahama paaaa.. Still no bullshit, still disgrace to Africa
    John Dramani Mahama.

  22. Oh Africa why are you all complaining about President John Dramani Mahama of what he did for French country. I am not hear to insult anyone. I want to let we all Africa’s to know that, because of our unfriendship that have make as poor and no sense. Africa’s do you all know why europe country’s and others that are not Europe country’s their have developed. Not because of anything by friendship, sharing one ideas, helping each others,thinking good things for each other’s and not thinking bad things for each other’s. I want to tell we Africa’s to know that God thus not open Europe, America and other countries their heads and put knowledge, skills, and value inside for them. But through what their know more things, friendship,sharing one ideas, helping and so on and so for. Can you all tell me that if it’s any Africa country and Europe or American country person want to be a president for an Africa countries you won’t disagree. But Europe and America because of friendship that their have they let an Africa country person to be their President. That person is President Barack Obama who is an Africa. We Africa’s should wake up from our dead beds and think something good for each other’s. I want to tell you all to stop insulting the President of Republic of Ghana John Dramani Mahama insulting.He did a good job for helping French country that have let Africa raise up. I want to tell Ghanaians who will read this that i am not in any party so that they will be saying he is a member of NDC that is why he write all this. No please. I hope all Ghanaians and Africa’s understand what am saying? May God be with you all forever. [Please don’t judge]?

  23. Meanwhile some Morons here also change thier profile to that of Frances flag but are here castigating our President MAHAMA hipocrisy in Ghana is spoiling the country

  24. you guys are here insulting our leaders instead of praying for them..meanwhile the origin of this post cannot even be verified..atleast thats that the first thing i noticed when i read this piece..howw are we not sure that it is some whoever playing some monkey busnes wiith this post

  25. Mogabe is right! that speech from the Ghana president John Dramani Mahama is unfair to all ghanaians .Prez Mahama to stop tribalistics politics .I had heard and listening to his comments in the Northern Reg.
    Tribal Polictics is not good we must to condemned

  26. Who is talking here? That confused man? It’s funny. Which mess was he refering to? I dont blame him cos we as a nation have given him the arsenal against us. We need to stand united in spite of our body politics.

  27. Robert Mugabi is rather the disgrace to his country Zimbabwe and Africa. Mugabi may be a sponsor of isis. He should know that Ghanains and some other Africans are among the victims in France. Pres Mahama, who value human life took the right step. Mugabi should leave the office for younger ones with best idea to rule Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans don’t need mugabi anymore.

  28. Buh de key thing is dat, Mahama has failed n therefore incompetent to lead the country.
    Why should Mahama send six helicopters to France if not hipocrasy? Are having better jet than them? Did he even send one jet to Kenya during the mall incident?
    Lets be real here

    , you’re a useless old fool to rain such insults on my president and country. You shitty old diapers assist president of an unattractive Zimbabwe. Your dirty face like one of those apes in your country. You’re as stupid like your citizens who will keep a shitting president and employ a master’s degree holder to just be supervising wiping of his ass. Stupid Zimbabwe president

  30. No need to castigate your fellow man’s opinion too much the fact is someone has aired his view , so be it . It is left with Prez. Mahama to prove himself beyong every doubts. In effect I think ‘ there is no smoke without fire’ …. Iol

    • Look I have read all the comments all I can say is that Mahama is the only president in Ghanaian history who become president without any suffering that’s why he can not lead the affairs of the country. Atta Mills was better than him but he was always criticised by Rawlings why has he stop criticising Mahama that’s politics for u. Atta Mills dies Mahama becomes president a year later Ghanaians voted sympathly for him so what is he telling us.

  31. President Mugabe has every right to criticize his fellow Africa president if he’s not on course. Maybe president Mahama doesn’t know his left to right and he needs to be directly corrected.

  32. An insult to the president is an insult to Ghanaians…what we should know is that irrespective of our political affiliation we should protect our president even if he’s wrong.we should pray for the president and his cabinet instead bcos hurling curses on them wouldn’t change any situation…shalom

  33. Are you guys condemning mahama that stupid. This story is clearly fake. Mugabe is wise enough to like mahama than insult him.
    That’s the problem. A bunch of lazy, ignorant and senseless bigoted citizens who are waiting for a magician president. As I always say if you think Ghana is that bad, please pack and go to Togo or Benin..

  34. protect who? Mahama. that incompetent president of our home land Ghana, tweaaaaa. where was Mahama when a group in Nima called ‘saftey empire’ was beating up young boys in Nima? where was He when our moneys were been spent by government appointees? Don’t get some of us angry. We will just wait for 2016 and show him the way out like how Nigeria did. President Mugabe good work done. kofi Frimpong are u called Mahama?

  35. Sometimes , politics is sinful and very dirty .. I don’t think Mugabe has the moral right to criticise or insult any African leader for sympathising with what happen in France . Mogabe and all other persons that support what he said must know that ” their enemies can not be our enemies . This is double standard and in medicine it is referred to as ” schizophrenia ” — ben Carson If mahama has done anything at all , he lead a delegation to form a strong team to fight Boko Haram . He also sent a delegation of medical practitioners to fight the Ebola disease . Through him we had the Ebola emergency Center created in Ghana .. Very patriotic citizens will never sell their country as some of us are doing .. Mahama didn’t take up power by coup but was voted into power . If u , the citizens donot like him , pls vote him out and cure ur medical conditions

  36. I wonder why you people are here waisting you time on politics why wont people say you are lazy to deed you are lazy to work if you dont like what i say go to fucking hell and mahama is doing nothing for Ghana thats the fact and no body not even akuffo addo can come to rescue Ghana. What is it the drugs he is coming to sell or what u all go find some work to do and stop waisting ur time saying shit.

    • Hey morgan. sorry to bug you but where is it that you get your information? I am not a resident currently to my mother land however I think I will be able to push things in the right direction for the continents well being. even if I live on another country its obvious to the whole world the corruption going on in Africa and outside it.

      I would love nothing more than to have a pinpal if you will of events of leaders and organizations tragedies and so far on your side of the globe or at least what you know. please respond as soon as possible my friend.

    • The big man said it all , He can’t even fix ghana problems from 2009 till 15 now , 24 hours light off , 12 hours light no , how can a country grow on this ? gold N u NDC guys here , GO BURN THE SEA …MAHAMA ,BETTY MAN

      • @ Morgan: What the F**U*CK* is wrong with you *as*s*hole..??? Which country are you from by the way..? I guess your country spends more time discussing politics than the rest of the world combined..! What is your problem even if we go to bed hungry, enjoy your country..Sc*rew U..!!

        @Akua: Thanks for teaching the *a*ssh**ole something!

    • Morgan, are you happy with the current Ghanaian economic mess? Ghana has benefited from an oil revenue of over $2.5billion since 2011. Are you not worried we have to resort to begging IMF to give us just over $.9billion for three years. Did we need to ask for policy credibility from IMF? Let’s be serious as a nation.

  37. It is not wrong for Mahama to extend condolences to France, however we must not forget the fact that, Africa has its own problems that would need the whole of Africa to solve. The West is showing solidarity regarding ISIS, I think Africa should also have their own backs, Mugabe shouldn’t sit in his country and degrade another man for what he has done or said.
    There was nothing political about the statement. This is not about NPP or NDC, therefore we shouldn’t twist this in that path.
    I think Mahama did well on the France issue, but he should also do same for what is going on in Nigeria with Boko Haram, and the others.

    • He should have face the problems in Ghana first or better there are problems in Nigeria and other African countries.when an interview was held in USA talking about the problem in Nigeria,the answer given was Africa is not a Mahama is fooling himself cos of loans

  38. What the hell is Old man Bob blabbing about. Has he been able to solve the mess he has created in his country Zimbabwe? Or is because he has been elected as the AU president he has to be heard?
    remove the log in your before your remove the speck in your brother’s eye

  39. Respect to u President John Mahama , we Ghanaians appreciate your rulling n thanks. Bt we only need a change now plss . Am just Mr Stanley Kodjo Ansah, apologies with my face on ground on behalf of Mother Ghanaian which without them we r not here. Respect!!!

  40. H.E. President John Dramani Mahama, has done nothing wrong by extending his condolence to France, we all have blood rushing through our veins and for that matter, we must feel other people’s pain, we have Africans living in France, what have you; Mugabe, as African Union Chairman, done about the welfare of our brothers and sisters living in France? I was shock to hear you say my president has caused mess in our country, please check your economy and the living standard of your people before comparing your country to Ghana. As a matter of fact, my sensitive, sensible and not self centered President, will not waste his breath on you.

    • Just as he sent or has been sending his condolences to Nigerians all these while. … Please please we more enough problems in Africa and Ghana he should face that. You heard the old man saying he did nothing as chairman of OAU .

  41. I think senility is worrying Robert Mugabe. What is wrong with Mahama expressing condolences to the people of France. He should check his facts, we all don’t have to be as belligerent to the West as he is.

    • Why is it every time something happened in these countries it’s are big issue in Africa on news BBC CNN news 24 etc …….but 500 people died in Kenya not even are sng

  42. Well said Mugabe incompetent John Manama must learn how to address the challenge and the mess that he has taking we Ghanaians through God is watching him

  43. Ghana pls i throw in the white tawel let oldman be opanin trafie ma mm)fra we nanka a y3ka nankawefo) a )kaho. I think the oldman wanted them all to approach the issue as one people like as when they went together all african presidents to india for loans but you know one outstanding did old daddy did they all wore india dresses and we were watching but it was realize one guy wore suite in fact you have to continue on the story so let the be they know what they know together but God is watching we will find a way out and until then be men of prayer

  44. Dnt accuse someone because his mistake is different frm urs, urs might be weightier, Mugabe, Mahama is a very terrible ruler but concerntrate on urs too cos ur citizens r cryin as well

  45. I agree that we Africans are mostly justified in the sentimental ways we often project our perspectives. I agree that the West and the African frontier had their difference and all kinds of analysis can conjured up that clearly expose the West (white) as the aggressor. I also agree that the western media juggernaut has literally been unfair in portraying Africa and Africans as sub-humans only fit for diseases, conflict and corruption. However, I also agree that it had been the whites that helped to make much of Africa’s development agenda possible, even though much of these development inventiveness originate from Africa. I agree to the fact that development in both worlds cannot be compared, mostly because the enslavement of much of our human resource (comprising some of the brightest minds) by the whites stymied Africa’s progress. I agree to the fact that all Africans must now begin to show excessive nationalism and put our problems first. But what I don not agree to is for our excessive show of nationalism to pick up resemblance of jingoistic aggression. We must still maintain our usual compassionate posture and I think this is what Mahama portrayed by what he did. With all due respect to the Father of the Revolution, I think his insentience is a negative factor to Africa’s progress. But what I believe, even with his harsh rebuff of Mahama for showing sympathy to the French, he has a soft spot that is always suppressing to avoid been seen as weak. We all expect our great African leaders to show compassion to western counterparts and not to pay reprisal.

  46. Upon all the terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger, on daily basis, Mahama has never shown concern. He is quick at condemning the one in far away France. Eye service indeed. Indeed, slavery is still in existence.

  47. Many African leaders have turn the AU into a club for drinking and partying while those subject suffer. They should at least invest their booty in Africa, in their own countries to boost the African economy

  48. Many African leaders have turned the AU into a club for drinking and partying while thier subjects suffer. They should at least invest their booty in Africa, in their own countries to boost the African economy

  49. I think Mogabe should respect himself and the way he talk on media platforms. Being a leader must show some kind of maturity. Ghana, we are not in any mess as compare to his country.

    • Just as he sent or has been sending his condolences to Nigerians all these while. … Please please we more enough problems in Africa and Ghana he should face that. You heard the old man saying he did nothing as chairman of OAU .

  50. It seems some people are using President Mugabe to push for their hidden agendas and to gain popularity on their blogs. When did Mugabe say this?

  51. Mugabe is a stupid animal, also a village president, hidden his own country problem and finger other president. God go punished him and die soon. Motherfucker bastard. Killer president, terrorist stupid animal Mugabe. Killing his own citizen in backyard of his house. Foolish man, it only stupid people we listen to your fool comment. Idiot animal.

    • I don’t think human being with five senses will talk like this. God forgive you for talking to your father like that when even he is wrong

  52. Age is making Mugabe sick in the head. He should be wise and leave the scene for younger generation whose brains are intact. Stupid Octogenerian. After all Mahama is not secretly killing his opponents. You have no right insulting other peoples’ head of State. Stupid Bastard of murderer.

  53. It was wise for Prez Mahama to talk about the attack on France and becoming too blind to see or hear what happens in Nigeria, he wasn’t smart enough to think that others outside the world are watching and listening to whatever he say. His advisors are harming him more than good and I think he should first reason with his pillow before he grants interviews.

  54. Mugabe rather think about the mess in Zimbabwe than Ghana. Ghana is way better than us now. Zimbabwe used to be the food basket of Africa now where are we? Galloping Inflation, Unemployment, corruption, mismanagement, Nepotism, dying industries, rogue in diamond trade. Mugabe must go!!!

  55. HAHAHAHAHAI laugh die John Dramani Mahama have u seen where your good work have send you to in fact u are a disgrace to Ghana and Africa and u know it so do u think u will win2016 u lie bad I know ghanaians are shallow thinkers as u ssaid is true Buh we’ve wise up now so for 2016 is a loose for u

  56. Thank you President Mugabe.
    But the first thing you should do is to introduce democracy in your country and stop talking about people issue.
    When you attended meeting and slept, do you think is not a disgrace? I tell you is a sign of old aged person so step down and give your people chance.
    Thank you.

  57. Don’t be so hard on the old man people he’s too much concerned about corrupt, poor and dying Africa… respect him, please. The man is great…he’s my model. Africa should be the greatest Continent of the World and Mugabe is trying to emphasize that point always…Please respect the man, people…

  58. I don’t respect Mugabe’s policies and his dictatorial tendencies but I agree with him here. Some African presidents are puppets of the West. They do nothing to address African problems or even speak out against terrorism in Africa. Then when it happens in the West, these guys are the first to comment like it the country their leading that has been attacked. Puppet presidents

  59. Look who is saying. Although it is of little use to make any comment as he does not care for any one. Instead of looking at his own nation all the times he keeps on looking around. Some times he is passing unnecessary comments about Keynians and now he is targeting Ghana. For God sake just look at your country what you have made a resource rich nation.

  60. Wake up Ghana, the current energy problem is a course for concern. Mugabe must have put his feelings across which in some way might look a bit harsh, but there is so much to do as a unified Ghana if the current electricity problems are to be restored.

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