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Ghana’s Legislators Can Legalize Same-Sex Marriage For $1Million Each

Ghanaian legislators would consider legalizing same-sex marriages if proponent of the law offer each member of parliament $1 million as ‘compensation’ for passing the law, according to Michael Wadie, a former Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency chairman for the New Patriotic Party.


Like many other African countries Ghana’s laws prohibit same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage, but a debate on the issue has gripped the country in recent weeks as to what is President John Mahama’s stance on the matter.

Speaking on an Accra-based Radio station, Kasapa FM, Wadies said that many same-sex activists he knows are very powerful and influential and are able to easily raise $1 million for each of the 275 members of parliament.


He said Ghana will be declared “a gay state” immediately the payment is made.

“Now if the gay people are able to convince the President and we take it to parliament, and these gays say they are giving each MP one million dollars for them to sign, I tell you they will come out to declare Ghana a gay state,” Wadie told Kasapa FM.

“And the gay community can easily raise this money.”

Another member of parliament speaking on the same radio show however disagreed with Wadie, but agreed with him that President Mahama needs to make his position clear on the issue of homosexuality in the country.

While Wadie’s remarks were taken on a light note, legislators are widely considered to be selfish and corrupt in many African parliaments and are seen as able to pass any law for the right price.

Source: AFK Insider


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