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Ghanaians Occupy Major Abroad Street with Noisy Funeral Procession (Video)

A large group of Ghanaians have been captured in a video on a loud and noisy funeral procession with drumming and dancing at an unidentified location abroad.

We sighted the video on in which the entire street was covered by the crowd of Ghanaians on the procession.

Though not explicitly stated, the deceased must have been a very popular individual in a Ghanaian community abroad, judging by the massive extent of the funeral celebration.

Watch the full video below:


A popular saying goes “if you go to Rome, do what Romans do” but this was clearly not the case for Ghanaians who decided to portray the indigenous Ghanaian style of mourning, abroad.


Though the action has been criticized as a ‘village lifestyle’ that has been sent outside from Ghana, it is rather interesting how the group was able to mobilize traditional drums and equipment to organize the funeral.

There were also groups of dancers who performed well-rehearsed choreographies to the traditional tunes as though everything was actually happening in Ghana.

A number of Whites were also sighted at the latter end of the video partaking in the burial ceremony.

In other news, stunning pictures of a never-seen-before hairstyle have caused a massive stir on social media as many people have been stunned by the creativity.

The hair was made up of flat circular weaves that appear packed on one another as though they were simply put there and could be removed loosely.


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