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‘Ghanaians Like Criticizing Too Much, That’s Why Nigerians Are Always Ahead’ – Ghanaian Fashionista Osebo Says

Ghanaian fashionista, Richard Brown, otherwise known as Osebo or Zara man, has indicated that when it comes to fashion, Nigerians are far ahead of Ghanaians because of our attitude towards those in the industry.

While speaking in an interview with Nkonkonsa, Osebo revealed that Nigerians have good fashion sense hence the reason they keep making the arts industry succeed.


Known for his unusual style of dressing, Osebo claimed that Nigerians appreciated him comparable to Ghanaians because they know what it takes to be a fashionista.

Osebo indicated that the reason for this trend was that Nigerians had a huge population and easily got things to trend.

“Ghanaians are fond of bringing down people especially entrepreneurs and I don’t blame them. They don’t understand what fashion truly means. My style of dressing is unique and Nigerians appreciate it more than Ghanaians.” He stated.

He however recounted how some Nigerians with a lot of social media influence like Tundeednut had promoted his works without him asking for it. He went ahead to reveal how he is working with about eight individuals who are promoting his fashion line.

Meanwhile Osebo who is the only representative of Zara collection in Ghana recently interviewed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) over his entrepreneurial acumen.



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