“Ghanaians Break My Heart” – Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe on John Dramani Mahama ALQAEDA TERRORIST IN GHANA


I am not only broken hearted or ashamed but am scared for the very first time in my life. Considering how our greed and personal interests can put the lives of innocent citizens in danger while we care less about it. How on earth will Ghanaians sit and watch their government take such a drastic decision which is putting the lives of over 20 million citizens in danger? The people break my heart, they have disappointed me and even scared me for the very first time in my life.


When asked why the people should be blamed; He said ” Oh yes they voted for this government, and I know of the many futile exercises they have embarked on against the government especially since the mysterious demise of my very good friend, Late Professor John Mills but this one is a different case and must be treated differently by the entire citizenry regardless of their political affiliation as this act put every one there in that country into danger.
Look I know Ghana very well, I have been a teacher there and I even met my first wife there. Not alone but I have seen the place like my second home and have had personal relationship with their presidents in the past.

Am not sure any of the ex presidents would do same. Even Nkrumah would not. Ghanaians wake up. Mr. Mugabe then said; I TOLD YOU GHANA HAS A PRESIDENT WHO IS A DISGRACE TO AFRICA. Now he is being obedient to America for another favor in their next elections and I think it’s time the opposition leaders get serious and vigilant to make their so called democracy one to write about.

The A.U chairman made these remarks in response to U.N’s call on the A. U to accommodate some foreign refugees in Africa


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  1. Thanks Mr President of Zimbabwe this what exactly l said,some few greedy Ghanaians are putting the country at risk how on earth can you keep killers under your roof when you they can strike anytime.Ghanaians stand up for your right.

  2. I thought as much. Joke Mahama accepted those rejected criminals their families won’t welcome home into Ghana in change for favor in the up coming elections. Smart Robert Mugabe

  3. Mogabe is the first disgraceful President I have ever seen…I deduce my point from how he talks. No wonder he is a dictator. Tweeeaaaaaaa

  4. Mogabe is the first disgraceful President I have ever seen…I deduce my point from how he talks. No wonder he is a dictator. Tweeeaaaaaaa

    • Hot cooler u are a disgrace to be a Ghanaian . Support this act I wished I could express my emotions here but u are really stupid if u support what the government did

  5. 21 Gun Salutes to this man for his unwavering stand as the ONLY AFRICAN LEADER now who can stand the pressures of the western world. Keep on the good fight and never give up for we got your back…………….KUDOS

  6. Leave Mugabe out of your stinking and purposeless politics. Mugabe did not say this. Both NPP and NDC suck U.S imperialist balls. Mahama is a disgrace; we don’t need Mugabe to alert us. Ghana is a joke. It has become a very despicable country.

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