Ghanaians And Ugandans In Diaspora Can Now Send Money Home Through ‘SimbaPay’

SimbaPay, a digital money transfer provider based in United Kingdom, today announced the launch of its money transfer service to Ghana and Uganda. With this launch using the SimbaPay app or website, Ghanaians and Ugandans living in Europe can now send money to mobile phones in Ghana or Uganda instantly.

According to the CEO, Nyasinga Onyancha, “This is the perfect Christmas gift to Ghanaians and Ugandans living in Europe who have been asking when SimbaPay will expand coverage to their home countries. By delivering money via existing mobile money wallet services, many recipients who previously could not access formal financial services can now do so”.

Ghanaians and Ugandans living in Europe (UK & European Union countries) with a bank account, debit card or credit card will be able to use the SimbaPay app from any mobile phone, tablet or computer. Transfers made using SimbaPay are credited within seconds to recipients’ mobile money wallets such as MTN Mobile Money. This eliminates the inconvenience of queues and old school paperwork.

SimbaPay also delivers money transfers via mobile money and bank account to other African countries such as Nigeria and Kenya with more destinations and partners being sought for addition in 2017.


In April 2016, SimbaPay was selected as one of 10 companies to join the first ever Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars in Africa. The app continues to disrupt the cross-border remittance industry with its focus on extreme speed and convenience

In March 2016, SimbaPay announced the expansion of its instant Africa money transfer service to 5 new EU countries namely France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

How SimbaPay Works

To send money via SimbaPay, Africans living in Europe with a bank account or debit card simply download the SimbaPay app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play. App users can then proceed to securely make money transfers straight from any smartphone, tablet or computer.


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