Ghanaian University Introduces Drone Technology Training

A school in Ghana, Accra Technical University (ACT) will start a new curriculum in “drone technology” and “3D printing” in a purpose-built laboratory from January 2019.

In the past Africa has been grappling to meet up with the accelerated development in developed countries.

Some African countries have made efforts to ensure that they compete with the technological growth needed to accelerate the growth of the continent and compete internationally.


The University has stated that a Korean company, called A-Tech Group Korea Incorporation, is reportedly supporting the programme.

The acting Vice Chancellor, Prof Edmund Ameko, said the curriculum for the Drone Assembly, Programming and Flight Training extends to Aeromechanics, Flight Simulation and Training, adding that the University was privileged to be piloting the programmes in Ghana.

Prof Amek added that many sectors require the use of drones and they include risk assessment, forestry management, urban planning and coastal zone management all benefit from the use of drones.


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