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Ghanaian Philanthropist Promises to Feed More than 4,000 Street Youth During New Year’s Eve

Extreme hunger and malnutrition remain an obstacle to sustainable development in Africa.

The second sustainable development goal of the United Nations is that people who are hungry and undernourished are less likely to be productive. They are also more prone to disease and therefore often unable to earn sufficient income and improve their livelihoods.


While many wealthy families celebrate Christmas in the warmth of their homes, many more spend their days on the cold street without food.

Richard Ajibola, a philanthropist, and his friends, decided to raise funds to feed more than 4,000 young people on the streets of James Town in Accra, Ghana, on December 31.

“Every day, at-risk youth across Ghana suffer from malnutrition and hunger, making them more vulnerable to disease,” said the philanthropist, adding that “This festive season is an opportunity to tackle this problem. “


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