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Ghanaian Pastor Allegedly Predicts Death of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari

A popular man of God in Ghana, Reverend (Dr.) Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah, has received many negative comments after predicting that Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari will die this year.

The Prophet Bempah, the General Superintendent of the Glorious Word Chapel International Church, said among other prophecies that Muhammadu Buhari would not see the end of 2017 in his New Year’s predictions. These statements had elicited many comments.

Although the West African country media consider the prophet Bempah to be a great diviner and oracle of God, the people consider him a rebel, a false prophet and a politician who makes only predictions to favor his masters who pay him money.


In addition to predicting the death of the Nigerian president, the prophet Bempah also announced the death of a former president in his country, a former first lady and a “great king” in Ghana.

He also predicted a terrorist attack, a coup and clashes between Christians and Muslims in the country.

Read below some of the prophecies of Prophet Bempah:

Death of a former president
Death of an ex-first lady
Coups in Ghana
The death of the President of Nigeria

However, Ghanaians are not satisfied with his predictions and have treated him of all names.

Here’s how some people describe it on social networks:

Sheshe Jones: “You are an idiot and stupid who just uses the name of God to deceive the Ghanaians. If you are not afraid, just be bold and mention the names of those you have predicted death. Your false prophecies will kill you, imbecile.

Shaibu Shamsu: “You better stop playing with the Ghanaians. Even I know that a leader will die, given their number and age. What do you mean? Who do you take for a child in Ghana? “.

Freeman Owusu: “This man is another false prophet from the pit of hell. You predict only the death of people. Let the Nigerians catch you, they will skin you alive. ” 


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