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Ghanaian Man Kills Best Friend For Sleeping With Fiancée In His Dream



A 45-year-old palm wine tapper from Ghana was arrested after he fatally stabbed his best friend because he allegedly saw him sleeping with his fiancée in his dream.


The suspect, identified as Desco, managed to get the deceased victim to follow him into a bush before killing him. The fatal incident occurred on October 8, and the suspect admitted committing the crime.


“I lured my friend into the bush and unknown to him, I stabbed him from the back. He fell down and I repeated it till he gave up his ghost,” the suspect reportedly confessed.


The suspect is also said to have been involved in another stabbing incident a day after he killed his best friend. Similar to the motive behind the first killing, Desco claimed he stabbed the second victim because he treated him unfairly in his dream. The suspect also accused the victim of being behind the problems the community was facing.


The victim, fortunately, survived the stabbing and he’s currently receiving medical treatment at a local hospital. However, the news of his condition did not go down well with the suspect as he reportedly said he was unhappy he survived.


Desco also reportedly stabbed the second victim’s son. He, however, also survived. The suspect justified stabbing his victims by claiming he was trying to avert his dreams coming to pass as they always do.


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