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Ghanaian Inventor Takes On Global Car Manufacturers

A Ghanaian inventor, Safo Kantanka,  has taken on international car manufacturers with a manufacturing and assembly plant for four-wheel drive cars, BBC News reported.

Through his company, Kantanka Group, more than 1,500 — mostly imported — pieces  are assembled into a car and spray painted by about 300 young men between the ages of 16 and 25 years, who only have informal training.


While widely celebrated by many Ghanaian, Kantanka’s SUV’s still raise questions including if the quality of the cars is up to par. Others also doubt if there is a market for SUV’s in a country where the average income is less than $1,400 per year, according to data collected by the World Bank.

The SUV’s are not the only thing that Kantanka has invented. The self-declared genius has previously created his own Limousine dubbed “Obrempong”, the speaking change-over-machine, and a range of flat-screen television sets made with wood covers that respond to a simple clap to come alive.


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