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Ghanaian Develops An AI Healthcare System That Accurately Diagnoses Medical Conditions

He goes by the name Darlington Ahiale Akogo. He’s a Ghanaian and the founder of minoHealth, a subsidiary and product under the Gudra brand also founded by Darlington.

MinoHealth is an artificial intelligence health application which helps diagnose medical conditions.

The application is said to be able to outperform human doctors in predicting and diagnosing accurately medical conditions of patients.


MinoHealth is a multifaceted health care system with 3 arms. There’s the AI Diagnostics/Prediction system which currently has 3 AI systems for Diabetes and Breast Cancer.

Then the other two systems which are based on Cloud Computing and Data Analytics, that’s a Cloud Medical Records system and Data Analytics system.


Apart from Medical Diagnoses and Prediction, minoHealth also securely stores Patient Records in the Clouds so medical personnel in a hospital can access and update patient records in real time via the internet. This eliminates the cumbersome problem of dealing with hard copy patient folders.

With authorization from Hospitals, some of these patient records from across the country will also be stored in a portal for the Ministry of Health, which gives the Ministry a database of all patients in Ghana.

Even further, with a registered physician’s authorization, a patient can create an account with access to some of their records so they can actually receive and view A.I. medical results immediately on their own.

On the way forward for minoHealth, here’s what the founder had to say;

We’ve given demos and had conversations with some hospitals, we are currently in talks with some to run minoHealth.

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