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Ghanaian Brothers Invent Device that Generates Electricity Using Cassava and Africans Are Way Too Proud

Life is all about knowing what you want and going for it. Not letting any situation slow you down or prevent you from realising your dreams.
This is exactly what these brothers are doing. Without any professional or formal training, enough finances and exposure, they are still following their passion and doing what they love which is manufacture/invent.


You remember the three-seater car story we did earlier this month? They are the same people behind it.

This time, they’ve invented a device that generates electricity using cassava, ordinary cassava.
Speaking to OMGVoice, the brothers who seemed quite elated about their latest creation explained that it has a voltage range of 11-12volts and can power 10 energy saving bulbs and a radio set.

Explaining how it works, they indicated that one must first blend the cassava and put it in a 1-litre reservoir in the device. Pipes in the device will then absorb the blended cassava from the reservoir and then use it to generate electricity.

According to them, with some funding, they can manufacture a bigger version of the device with a bigger reservoir which will generate more power.

This is too laudable and all we can say is help support these boys to take their dream on a larger scale to help mother Ghana.


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