Ghana Police Shuts Down LGBTQI Office | Video


Security forces in Ghana on Wednesday closed the office of an organization that supports the LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual trans, queer, intersex) community in the West African country where homosexuality is prohibited, the association in charge of the entity said.

“This morning, our center was invaded by National Security, to this day we no longer have access to this space and our safety is threatened,” the LGBT+ Rights Ghana group wrote on Twitter.

“We call on human rights organizations and our allies to condemn these attacks and the hate crimes against us,” he added.

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For several weeks, religious leaders from the Christian dominated country had been campaigning for authorities to close the center, which opened in January.

The owner of the house that housed the center, Asenso Gyambi, said that he did not know his house was rented by Rights Ghana.

“I was not happy about that … I had to report it to the security agencies for them to take action. I will not tolerate such activities on my property,” he added.

Same-sex relationships are prohibited in Ghana, and although legal proceedings are rare, sexual minorities have reported marginalization, harassment and being assaulted.


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