Ghana Lifts Coronavirus Lockdown as Cases Hit 1,042

Ghana’s president on Sunday lifted targeted lockdown on two major regions in the country citing improved testing of the coronavirus pandemic across the West African country.

In the over half-an-hour address delivered to the nation, the president also announced that Ghana’s tally had passed the 1,000 mark. Ghana becomes the first African country to not extend but lift a lockdown.

Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and more recently Zimbabwe have all extended lockdowns aimed at curbing spread of the pandemic. Government however warned that lockdowns could be imposed in hotspots if need be.


Some key facts from the address included:

  • Ghana has traced 86,000 contacts so far
  • 68,500 of the number have since been tested
  • 18,000 test results expected
  • 1,042 (1.5%) confirmed cases as of April 19
  • 67,549 (98.5% negative) tested negative
  • 930 people responding to treatment at home or government facilities

“Indeed Ghana is the only other country in Africa to have conducted more than 60,000 tests and we are ranked number pone in Africa in administering of tests per million people. The decision to impose restrictions on movement was backed by the data at hand and our next course of action is backed by data and by science,” the president said.


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