Ghana Is Not An Island – “If God Almighty Had Applied Common Sense,” Not A Single Soul Would Have Been Spared From Our Trespasses

If God Almighty had applied common sense, ALL and not a single soul would have been spared for our multitudinous wrongdoings; uncluttered and covertly.

Ghana is not an lsland. Lending a helping hand to international friendly countries that have helped Ghana unconditionally with compassion and common sense, over the years is never a crime.

Our revered men of God are today asking the President; in the matter of the Gitmo detainees, not to be compassionate but use common sense. If God Almighty had applied common sense, ALL and not a single soul would have been spared for our multitudinous wrongdoings; uncluttered and covertly.

Here in Ghana, there are many individuals and groups considered even more dangerous to national security than the two Gitmo detainees.

Ghana over the years has endured more destructive congregation of people; cloaked in political apparels than the Gitmo detainees sent to Ghana by the Americans. Indeed, Ghanaians should even be more apprehensive of the political impetuousness and treacherous maneuverings of the NPP and their nauseating cronies than we should be of those Gitmo detainees.


Of all the discomforts, panic and fear brought upon the people of Ghana over the years by the opposition NPP through its intolerant leadership, revolting supporters, illegal party militia and evil elements in the media; all in the desperate quest for political power, not once did the Ghana Christian Council, the Catholic Bishops Conference, Ghana Peace Council or any of the church groupings raised a finger to reproach or call to order acts orchestrated by the NPP and their lazy surrogates such intolerant posture, unjustifiable demonstrations, the cause of fear and panic; prompting so much unnecessarily tension in the country.

In the wake of all these deafening Gitmo detainees’ brouhaha, led by the opposition NPP with the usual support of their rented and lackluster media partners, Ghana’s security agencies must remain even more alert before some vindictive and disgruntled groups/elements from within, nursing some grievous thoughts mares the relative peace the good people of Ghana are currently enjoying.

The August 11, 1962 Kulungungu bombing in an attempt to assassination Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah by grandfathers, uncles and fathers of certain active political groupings in today’s political dispensation should surely put all our security men and women on their toes.

“Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience – Colossians 3:12 [ESV]”.


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