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GFP 2017: These 10 African Countries Now Have The Most Powerful Military Strength And Firepower

GFP, an office that surveys the military quality of countries, makes utilization of more than 50 factors in its in-house recipe to decide a given country’s Power Index  (‘PwrIndx’) score. PwrIndx scores are judged against an ideal estimation of “0.0000” which is reasonably unattainable because of the quantity of elements considered per nation.

This gives the last positioning while additionally permitting littler, all the more innovatively propelled, countries to rival bigger, lesser-created ones.

That said, here are the top 10 African countries with the most powerful armed forces according to GFP:

10. Democratic Republic of Congo


PwrIndx: 1.3442

Active personnel: 144,625

9. Libya


PwrIndx: 1.2096

Active personnel: 35,000

8. Sudan


PwrIndx: 1.1777

Active personnel: 177,150

7. Morocco


PwrIndx: 0.8702

Active personnel: 198,000


6. Angola


PwrIndx: 0.8428

Active personnel: 107,000

5. South Africa


PwrIndx: 0.7864

Active personnel: 78,050

4. Nigeria


PwrIndx: 0.7511

Active personnel: 124,000

3. Ethiopia


PwrIndx: 0.7443

Active personnel: 162,000

2. Algeria


PwrIndx: 0.4366

Active personnel: 520,000

1. Egypt

PwrIndx: 0.2676

Active personnel: 454,250


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