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Germany Set To Launch World’s First Zero-Emission Train

Germany will in 2017 launch the world’s first hydrogen-powered zero-emission train that only emits steam.

The Coradia iLint regional train is being built by French engineering firm Alstom and is expected to be rolled out on a portion of Germany’s rail network in December next year.

“Alstom is proud to launch a breakthrough innovation in the field of clean transportation, which will complete its Coradia range of regional trains,” said Alstom CEO Henri Poupart-Lafarge.

“It shows our ability to work in close collaboration with our customers and develop a train in only two years.”


The Coradia iLint only emits excess steam into the atmosphere and provides an alternative to the country’s 4,000 diesel trains.

Lower Saxony has already ordered 14 of the trains from French company Alstom, and more are likely to be seen around the country if they are judged a success, reports Die Welt.

Testing is set to be carried out by the end of the year, before it opens up to the public in December 2017.

There’s also interest in the train from the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway.


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