Germany: “Do Not Listen to Those Who Spread Hatred”, Merkel Defends the UN Global Compact on Migration

The Chancellor went on Friday to meet the inhabitants of this city traumatized by the death, last summer, of a German killed by two refugees and the violent demonstrations that had responded to this tragedy.

(…) The Chancellor responds with all the rationality that characterizes her: she condemns the murder,  denounces the excesses of the extreme right , assumes its decision not to close the borders in 2015, defends the measures taken to reduce and control the flows migration, promises to do better.


(…) Then the floor is given to the room. The microphone passes from hand to hand and the arrests are harder, more militant. “What are you doing against chaos in Germany?” “Why are you defending a multicultural society?” “When will you resign?” “Why do you support  the Migration Pact ?”

This text, adopted by the United Nations and not binding legally for the States, became the new object of suspicion of the radical right. “A lot of wrong things have been said about this , Angela Merkel corrects while trying to wring the rumor spread: this text  “is in our basic interest and we always have the right to make our own laws” , insists -she. As for those who claim her downfall, the Chancellor retorts with Olympian calm by repeating what she said when announcing her departure from the presidency of the CDU:  “I am ready to carry out my mandate to the end.”

Le Figaro

(…) Merkel defended the United Nations Global Compact on Migration, to be adopted at the end of the year. This pact will not undermine, she promised, the “sovereignty” of states in this area. “Everyone has the right to make their own laws” despite the future pact, said Merkel,  calling not to believe “those who spread hatred.”


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