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German Automaker Volkswagen Set to Open a Car Assembly Plant in Ghana

Volkswagen is expected to open a vehicle assembly plant in Ghana in early 2020.

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In 2018, the company announced plans to set up a plant in Ghana as it continues its expansion plan in Africa. Volkswagen already assembles vehicles in Rwanda and Kenya.

According to Thomas Schafer, VW CEO for Africa the creation of an African market is essential for the company.

Speaking at the meeting of the German-Ghanaian Affairs Council in Berlin, he said the second phase of their presence in Ghana will be intensified in 2021.

In August of this year, the Ghanaian government revealed that it was ready to offer Volkswagen and Nissan automakers tax benefits of up to 10 years. According to the government, this measure aims to attract these car manufacturers.

The creation of local assembly plants in Ghana is expected to grow its economy and create jobs.

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