George Weah: A Footballer In 1988 And Now A Counterpart Of Paul Biya In 2018

In 1988, George Weah played in the Cameroonian championship with the Thunder team of Yaoundé. Coming fresh from his native Liberia, he had just spent a season in Paul Biya’s country, before flying to France where he played in Monaco and then in Paris Saint Germain.


When he arrived in Cameroon, George Weah was only just beginning. He had just been found by the thunder of Yaounde following a training course that this club in the Cameroonian capital had just performed in Liberia. . Weah had not played in his country before (Migty Barrolle 1985-1986, and Invincible Eleven 1986-1987)

At that time, Paul Biya has been at the head of Cameroon for 6 years already, and there was no reason to believe that by 2018, George Weah and Paul Biya would be counterparts. The former footballer will begin in a few days his first term, in his capacity as President of the Republic, his counterpart Paul Biya has already spent exactly 36 years in power.

The example of George Weah clearly demonstrates that one can start from a miserable standard of living and experience a certain social rise. This is not possible only through work, and especially work well done. It is clear that there was no sign that the former Liberian footballer was President of the Republic in 2018. But Weah believed in him, he believed in his dream, and he gave himself the means to achieve it. Today the former European Golden Ball can only be proud of this great feat.


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