George Floyd’s Roommate Says He Was A Good Man Who Would Never Use Fake Cash, Take Drugs And Barely Drank Alcohol

George Floyd’s roommate has said that the $20 bill that instigated his arrest and his death may not have been a fake. He added that if it was, Floyd would have never intentionally used counterfeit cash.


Floyd’s roommate of four years, Alvin Manago, 55, told in an exclusive interview that Floyd was a stand-up guy and if he did use a counterfeit bill at the store before his death, it was “unintentional”.


He said: “I’ve never known Floyd to use any counterfeit money. If he tried to pass along a counterfeit $20 bill it was unintentional. He probably didn’t know the money was fake.


“I’m just not sure why the store employees didn’t just tell him it was a fake $20. They all knew him then. He was a regular customer.”


Manago met George Floyd, 46, when they worked together at the Conga Bistro Bar and Grill. Floyd worked security and Manago worked as a bar back. Manago says they had been roommates for almost four years and considers him one of his best friends.



The house where George lived

Floyd died last Monday after being killed during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for allegedly trying to use a counterfeit $20 at a local market.


His death has sparked protests in different cities across the United States.


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