George Bush Jr.: “Donald Trump Does Not Know What It Means To Be President”

Former US President George Bush has criticized Donald Trump, saying he does not know what it means to be President. In the book The Last Republicans , which talks about relations between the 41st and 43rd President of the United States, several arrows are directed towards Donald Trump.

Indeed, Bush and his father gave their opinion on Trump, in an interview with historian Mark Updegrove as part of the release of a new book on George W. Bush and George HW Bush, entitled ‘The Last Republicans “translate the” Last Republicans “.


“I do not like him. I do not know him very much, but I know he’s a boastful guy. It does not make me happy that he is now president, “says George HW Bush, 93.

“He does not even know what it’s like to be president,” adds George Bush Jr.

This is not the first time George W. Bush has attacked the new President. He described Trump’s inauguration speech in March as “m3rde”.

He also made comments last month expressing his disappointment at the political tension in the country.

Speaking at a conference at the George W. Bush Institute, he said that impunity seems to be encouraged, adding that the US political system seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories.

The two former presidents revealed that they had not voted for Trump in the presidential election. George HW Bush said he voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton while her son abstained from voting.

“It was a very strange election year,” said his son.


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