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Gentlemen, These Are The Effects Of Garlic On Your Body Odour

Garlic is a potentially fragrant plant used in cooking for a long time. Over time, some therapeutic virtues have even been recognized . A study has recently shown that garlic can help men in the seduction of a woman.

Imagine yourself during your first date with a woman. You bring him flowers and chocolate nicely. But you dread that a breath pushes her to regret this moment. This should not worry.

What is the problem ?

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Gentlemen, be fearless, your breath may very well smell garlic, it will only help you in your quest. Some women tend to believe that a self-respecting man must have good hygiene. But here’s something that is not a joke: according to science, garlic can have a positive effect on a guy’s body odor.

Gentlemen, here are the effects of garlic on your body odor

In a research study, a group of male subjects were asked to eat 12 grams of garlic and place cotton pads under their armpits for 12 hours (and refrain from wearing cologne or deodorant).

The women were then asked to sniff the cotton swabs and the result was that the smell of the men who ate the garlic was considered more appealing and enjoyable compared to the control group who did not eat garlic.

So gentlemen, here’s a good reason to eat garlic everyday.


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