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Genius In The Making: From Rwanda To Award-winning Designer, Meet Claudine Humure!!

Humure has a personal interest and a calling in prosthetics. She lost both of her parents in Rwanda’s genocide, and together with her six siblings were raised in an orphanage.

As nature would dictate, at age 13, she developed cancer, which led to the amputation of her leg. Thus, she had to travel to the U.S. in 2004 to get a prosthetic leg after which she returned to Rwanda.

Later she traveled back to the U.S. to study after receiving a scholarship to attend high school in Connecticut.

When asked what inspired her to design the prosthetic socket, Humure said, “I was motivated by seeing how urgent prosthetic limbs are needed. Being an amputee, I knew what is necessary.”

Claudine Humure is a senior at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. She is among the ten young people awarded up to $10,000 as a winner of one of the OZY Genius Awards.

Apart from the Awards, the OZY offers the ten college-age students an opportunity to bring their genius idea to life. The genius student won for her innovative and pitiable 3-D printed adjustable prosthetic socket, suitable for amputees use.


“This socket is incredibly cheaper to produce on a 3-D printer,” Humure said. “It cost about $100 which is less expensive compared to other traditional products.”

Humure stated that she expected her prosthetic socket to be affordable to amputees in developing countries because of the low production costs.

The major biology student who interned at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she was exposed to prosthetic research, graduates this May. Humure intends to spend the rest of the year refining the socket’s design.

Her goals for the future are to help amputees in different developing countries and not just Rwanda. She wants to visit different countries and see what people are already doing and how she can help.

But eventually, she sees herself going home. She plans to open a prosthetic clinic in Rwanda to enable rehabilitation of amputees and learn from each other.


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