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Gassama Was a Wheelbarrow Pusher in Abidjan. He tells His Inspiring Life Story in Ivory Coast

Before arriving in Paris, Mamadou Gassama spent 3 years in Abidjan where he worked in small trades. He tells the story of this adventure he had on the banks of the Ebrié Lagoon
The hero of May 26, 2018 in Paris was joined on the phone on the program “Nothing to hide” of Brother Nostalgia Abidjan. In this interview, Gassama combs his life on the banks of the Ebrié lagoon. Here are broad excerpts.

His life in Ivory Coast …


“Ivory Coast is my first host country. I was in Adjamé, next to the Roxy pharmacy. I spent 3 years in this country. I worked with wheelbarrows at the UTB station and then at the train station. I carried pepper, onion, tomatoes. I have a lot of family in Abidjan “.

Abidjan, the desert and Paris

“I was very tired. There were many deaths in the desert. My crossing lasted more than 4 to 5 months, “he told Radio Nostalgie Abidjan.


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