Gangland Killer Wins £15,000 Compensation For Being Locked Up With ‘Dangerous Inmates’

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28-year-old Jemmikai Orlebar-Forbes, who alongside two others shot dead a rival drug dealer, has been granted a £15,000 compensation for being locked up with ‘dangerous inmates’.


Orlebar-Forbes, of Balham, South London, now calls himself Abdullah and is serving a 31-year over the 2013 murder.


Claiming that he was segregated with terrorists after becoming a Muslim in jail, Forbes stated that this has left him confined to his cell for up to 23 hours a day alongside inmates including Taliban recruiter Munir Farooqi, 63, and jihadist thug Jewel Uddin, 35.


Uddin who is jailed for 19½ years for plotting to blow up a far-right English Defence League rally, smashed out six of a prison officer’s teeth in 2019.


Forbes is now claiming he was wrongly kept with dangerous men in the high-security unit at HMP Frankland, Durham in 2019.


A source told The Sun;


“He moaned of being isolated in his cell all day and he said he’d been assaulted by a prison guard.

“Officials dismissed his story as untrue but he managed to win the payout for being wrongly placed in the unit.”


Ministry of Justice chiefs however said they opted for settlement out of court, to save the taxpayer from potentially higher legal costs.


David Spencer of the Centre for Crime Prevention, said;


“It’s absurd the MoJ failed to even contest his claims.”


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