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Gambian Legislative: Presidential Coalition Wins 42 Of 58 Seats In Parliament!!


Political parties members of the presidential coalition won 42 of the 58 seats in the Gambian parliament after the parliamentary elections held on Thursday, according to the minutes issued by the Independent Electoral Commission on Friday.Udp, ​​the political group led by former opposition leader Ousseynou Darboe, now a member of the presidential majority, has filled 31 seats in the 53 constituencies of The Gambia.

Darboe’s party is far ahead of the APRC, the formation of ex-president living in exile, Yahya Jammeh, who only got five seats.

The GOC, another opposition party headed by Mamah Kandeh, also won five seats.


The only independent list that participated in the legislative elections was confined to a single seat, according to the published minutes of the National Electoral Commission reached the Senegalese news agency.

Hamath Bah and Khalifah Sallah, two members of the presidential coalition, won five and four seats respectively, bringing the total of the majority to 42 out of 53 seats involved.

According to a Gambian legislative provision, the President of the Republic appoints five other deputies, in addition to the 53 deputies elected in the electoral districts, bringing the total number of members of Parliament to 58.

The legislative elections were the first to be held in the Gambia since the alternation in December 2016, following the defeat in the presidential election of Yahya Jammeh, who had ruled the country for 22 years.


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